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We help our clients reduce stress anxiety and shame caused by money problems

Create the life that you want

You know what you want out of life. You have dreams and goals, and are passionate and very good at what you do. But every time you turn around your dreams are derailed or delayed by money problems. You are tired of money getting in the way of your ability to reach your full potential. There is hope! It's time to take control of your life by taking control of your money. Only then, will you be able to become your best you and experience true freedom and happiness. Begin your journey today!

What we do

Inject Hope: There is always hope, and we will help you find it

Provide Informaiton

What we do

Our mission is to help our clients regain control of their lives by becoming proactive and intentional with their money 


During our Coaching Session, we will sit down and talk about your goals and your dreams; we will learn about your fears and your concerns, and we will guide you towards making a plan that will allow you to achieve financial peace.


"You cannot be spiritually free and financially bound"

-Larry Burkett

Who we are

Who We Are

Journey Financial Coaches, and it's  was founded in Durham, NC by Jason Shelton and his wife Koketta. It is their mission to empower people with knowledge, wisdom, and resources so that they may experience financial freedom. Jason and Koketta developed a passion for personal finance after watching their lives and marriage nearly crumble before their eyes. It was at that moment that they became determined to take control over their lives and over their marriage. By following the principles that they now teach, the couple have seen their finances and their marriage transform in ways once thought unimaginable. Their passion is to coach individuals and families along their journey to victory in their finances and in their marriage.

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